What is BlueHost?

BlueHost, stylized as bluehost, is one of the largest webhosting companies in the world right now. It is a private company founded by Matt Heaton in 2003. It is headquartered at Provo in Utah, United States. Matt Heaton was the chief executive of the company from its inception to 2011. He was succeeded by Dan Handy who served till 2015. The present chief executive officer is Mike Olson. The company is owned by Endurance International Group. The official website of the webhost is www.bluehost.com.


BlueHost has a few sister companies that also offer webhosting solutions. Along with iPage, HostMonster and FastDomain, BlueHost serves more than two million domains right now. The company has its serves based at their fifty thousand square feet facility at Provo in Utah. The headquarters has more than seven hundred employees. Presently, the company specializes in and offers WordPress hosting, virtual private server hosting, cloud hosting, dedicating hosting and WooCommerce hosting among other solutions. Its uses PHP7, NGINX+ caching and HPPT/2 powered servers. The founding of BlueHost followed two initiatives of Matt Heaton since 1996. He came up with 0catch.com and 50megs.com before setting up BlueHost seven years later. Endurance International Group acquired the fast growing company in 2010.


The American webhost is a reliable brand among affordable webhosts. The concept or practice of low cost webhosting was not prevalent at the time of the founding of the company. However, the management of the organization managed to rebrand itself. It introduced starter packs with sufficient features at affordable prices in a bid to woo startups, small to medium enterprises and there were more advanced or expensive plans for larger businesses. BlueHost has many standard plans available for anyone looking for shared or dedicated hosting. The company is also capable of customizing webhosting plans depending on the specific needs of their clients. While many webhosts of the day are resellers, BlueHost is actually a webhosting company with its own servers and supporting infrastructure, manpower and other resources. It is not a reseller.


The webhost is known for its fast response, especially for American businesses and websites. The proximity of the servers allows American consumers or internet users to quickly access websites. This may not be the case for consumers or internet users around the world. The fact that its servers are based in America augurs well for the brand as many businesses have grown rather wary of offshore servers and datacenters. Not every country has impeccable privacy and data protection laws. Some countries that have sufficient regulations do not always enforce them well enough. Many countries around the world do not have any privacy or data protection law.


BlueHost has been constantly upgrading its propositions in the last ten years, partly in an attempt to stay relevant when many webhosts have emerged on to the scene and partly owing to a company policy that necessitates such developments. Clients of the webhost can use latest versions of various software and applications including cPanel and Simple Scripts. The latter is a proprietary product of the webhost. It has a plethora of applications. The interface that clients of the webhost would deal with is simple and light, it is reliable and multifaceted. Many experts consider some of the applications facilitated by BlueHost to be the best in the industry right now.


Affordable webhosts have often been criticized for the lack of timely support. Many small webhosts do not have enough staff or the customer support executives are not very resourceful to help with any and every problem. BlueHost did have such issues a long time back but they have been addressed over the years. The webhost offers email support and customer service by phone. The technical support staff is helpful and knowledgeable enough to solve pressing issues. The various plans of the webhost provide sufficient support for PHP, MySQL, UTF-8, FastCGI, suPHP and mbstring. The technological infrastructure of BlueHost is state of the art. The company has affordable webhosting plans. The uptime is reliable and the customer service is prompt enough. There is enough room to customize plans to choose the best webhosting solution given the needs of a company. This covers shared and dedicated hosting as well as cloud hosting, virtual private server hosting and others.