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Summary of the BlueHost Prime Hosting Plan

BlueHost has three shared hosting plans and one Pro Package that is a significant upgrade and has features almost emulating the kind you would expect from dedicated hosting. The shared hosting plans are called Basic, Plus and Choice Plus. The Choice Plus plan is also known as Prime. While the Basic is obvious for starters and the most affordable plan of the three, Plus and Choice Plus or Prime are more suited for busier websites. Here is a comprehensive summary of the BlueHost Prime hosting plan.


Features of Prime Hosting Plan of BlueHost


The Plus webhosting plan is usually priced at $14.99 per month. You can avail a promotional offer to sign up for the plan for only $5.45 per month. Interestingly, this is the same price for the Plus plan right now. The promotional offer is obviously available for a limited period of time. The price may be reviewed anytime and it could be more or less at the time of your signing up. The Prime hosting plan, also known as Choice Plus, enables you to host as many websites as you want. You would have unmetered storage space for the unlimited websites and unmetered bandwidth. There is one SSL certificate included in the plan and hence free. This is usable for only one website. If you need SSL certificates for all the websites you host with the Prime plan, then you must pay for the encryption per domain.


Choice Plus or Prime is standard shared webhosting. While the registration of only one domain is included in the plan, there are unlimited parked domains, unlimited sub domains, unlimited email accounts and unlimited email storage space. You can avail marketing offers worth $200. The Prime hosting plan of BlueHost has Spam Experts for one website or domain, Domain Privacy for one website or domain and CodeGuard Basic for site backup. The cost of these add-ons is included in the plan.


Promotional vs. Regular Prime Hosting Plan


Neither the promotional nor the regular Prime plan comes with free dedicated IP but both have free domain privacy for one website. You would get unlimited MySQL databases. The regular Prime plan has SpamExperts support for one website, similar to the promotional offer. You can pay for SpamExperts, domain privacy and SSL certificates for your second and subsequent websites. You can also pay for a free dedicated IP for one or more websites.


Similar to the Basic and Plus plans, the Prime plan also comes in three terms of twelve months, twenty four months and thirty six months. The Prime or Choice Plus hosting plan of BlueHost costs $16.99 per month for a twelve months term without the promotional offer. The cost is $24.99 for a twenty four months term and $23.99 for a thirty six months term. The promotional price is $5.45 per month. This is applicable for the entirety of the first term. Renewal would be at the regulate rate of the term you choose. There may or may not be any discounts available at the time of renewal.


Prime plan has several add-ons. The plan is inclusive of many features but some are confined to the first website or only one domain of your choice. You may want the same features for multiple or all of your websites hosted with the Prime plan. Add-ons have standard costs applicable for all three shared hosting plans. You can choose dedicated IP for each website by paying $5.99 per month. SSL certificate for one website is $49.99 per year. SpamExperts for each additional domain after the first one which is free is $2.99 per month per website. SiteLock is $23.88 per domain and Site Backup with Restore Pro is $35.88 per year.


The Prime plan is the best among the three shared hosting solutions. The promotional offer enables you to go for the Prime plan at the same monthly cost for the first term as the Plus plan. It is better to go for the Prime plan to take advantage of the offer and get more features at the same cost. You can always decide at the time of renewal whether you wish to continue the Prime plan or you would downgrade to the Plus plan depending on your needs and fiscal target.