Is the HostGator Baby Plan Right for You?

In this time and era pf internet, technology and web revolution, websites are the most important and prominent gateway for all of us to the infinite world and surprising cyber world and cyber space.

And, hosting a website requires a hosting domain which is in turn provided by the web hosting companies/organizations who devise and design various web hosting plans for the website owners and users depending upon their requirements.

At this point, the web hosting companies like HostGator to come up with user friendly cost effective hosting plans. One such plan from the HostGator’s treasure box is the utterly popular HostGator Baby hosting plan.

Although, the name baby has nothing to do with a real baby! Jokes apart, the baby hosting plan is the most basic one right after the hatchling plan of the company but a relatively less updated plan from the premium business web hosting plan from HostGator.

Now, let’s have a look into the various aspects of this typical web hosting plan which is quite popular among its users.


What is the baby hosting plan all about?

The baby web hosting plan is for the mid-size to large websites who are pretty settled in their business. It is relatively a basic plan which offers some of the updated and advanced web hosting facilities to the client’s one of them being able to host unlimited domain and sub domains if subscribed to this plan which is a stark contrast from its predecessor- the hatchling web hosting plan.

The hosting plan is a proprietary plan of the firm HostGator.


Features of the HostGator Baby web hosting plan

  • Baby hosting plan is the basic web hosting plan customized, designed and aimed to suit the needs and requirements of a modern day mid-size to large businesses.
  • Cost effective, user friendly and environment friendly hosting plan with upgraded and advanced security features.
  • Allows usage of unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains and sub domains hosting facility.
  • Offers a 45 days money back guarantee trial offer for the first time clients.
  • Offers tailor-made customized business solutions.
  • Comes with secures encryption services and certificates.
  • Offers free up gradation of the baby hosting plan members to its premium business web hosting plan.
  • Subscription options ranges from monthly to yearly and starts as low as $11 per month which is quite competitive given the features of the plan and is accordance with HostGator’s tagline “We eat up the competition”.


Important facts and figures about the HostGator Baby Hosting plan.

Web hosting plans from HostGator follow a specific guideline regarding the features and application services of the plans they offer to the clients. Following the organization’s policy the significant services and features offered by the baby hosting plan can broadly be categorized as- green web hosting, email, secured control panel & admin access, programming, apps and databases features and services.

Now, let us have a brief look at all of these features:

1. Green web hosting: This can be coined as HostGator’s commitment towards the environmental cause. As, they vouch to execute and operate all their web hosting plans including the baby hosting one through wind energy efficient offset server emissions.


2. Email applications and services: The salient features include:

  • Advance and secured spam protection.
  • Unlimited email account with FTP, POP3 mail with SMTP.
  • Secured webmail access.
  • Email support on your phone.
  • Unlimited auto responding, mailing forwarding and lists services.


3. Secured control panel, admin access and web hosting features: The prominent features in the baby hosting plan includes:

  • Most advanced control panel features and options.
  • Access to unlimited hosting of blogs, forums, online carts, and many more.
  • Upgraded access to secured online directories and advanced password protection service.
  • Detailed report on website usage statistics and troubleshooting services.
  • Secured IP address and advanced hot links protection.


4. Applications, programming and database features:

The features include:

  1. Advanced and upgraded extension of the front page.
  2. Support admin access and MY SQL database.
  3. PHP, python, CGI programming are supported.
  4. Upgraded and advanced secure management system tools.
  5. Promotes hosting of Wikipedia through the specialized platform of mediawiki.
  6. Promotes e-commerce for unlimited domains.
  7. Supports hosting of word press, joomla, etc.

These advanced features of the HostGator baby hosting plan are backed by a dedicated and expert live customer support team who are available 24/7 and guarantee fast and speedy troubleshooting. So, Baby hosting plan is the ultimate destination to your web hosting quests.